Rabbit is a fictional main character in the Canadian animated TV series My Friend Rabbit. He was voiced by Peter Oldring.

Appearance Edit

Rabbit is a white rabbit with a pudge like nose and black eyebrows. The highlights inside of his ears are grey.

Personality Edit

Rabbit is mouse's best friend and he is kind and sharing. He also gets into some types of situations and tries "hop-thinking". His favorite thing to say is "Thump-eka!".


Birthday date: 12.04.2008 Edit

Age: 20 Edit

Fur: White Edit

Inside the ears: grey Edit

Nose: Pink Edit

Eyebrows: Black Edit

Eye Colour: None Edit

Based on the book by: Eric rohmann Edit

Friends: Mouse, Hazel, Thunder, Jasper, Amber, Coral, Jade, Pearl And Edweena Edit

Voiced by: Peter oldring Edit

Episodes: Edit

Season 1 Edit

Little Dutch Rabbit / Fishing for the Moon

Follow the Leader / Chasing Rainbows

Mouse's Moss / The Sounds of Silence

Hazel's Big Surprise / The Last Leaf

A Gift at Last / The Big To Do

Silly Pilly / Muddy Puddle

Nest Quest / Bouncy Bog

Branching Out / Willow Pond Wackadoo

I'm Rabbit, I'm Rabbit / Bogged in Fog

Strange Bee-haviour / The Flighty Fly

Hazel's Voice / The Perfect Rock

Thunder The Poet / The Strawberry Patch

Sticky Situation / Ladybug Day

Season 2 Edit

The Greatest Invention / Turtle in a Hurry

A Private Place / My Droopy Friend

Pearl's Pal / For The Birds

Hazel's Noise / Don't Touch Mossy

Mouse's Mountain / You Be Me

Gibble Goose Girls Galore / Scaredy Skunk

Edweena's New Friend / Frog On A Log

The Mysterious Acorn Mystery / The Big Goose

The Hoppiest Wish / Mouse's Mysterious Something

Catch Me If You Can / The Snow Geese

Honey and Berries / Birthday Mousey

Sing A Song / Snowed Under

Jasper's Frozen Smarts / Thunder's Idea Maker

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